Introverts Retreat

Welcome Introverts Retreat Subscribers!!!

I am so excited to be a part of your monthly box!  And honestly, I really hope that we become more than acquaintances — but essential oil introvert buddies.  But more on that later — because it’d be weird for us to buddy up right away.  Right?

OK, so you you should have received a card in your Emotional Support Kit that  gave a you a few brief tips and three promises:

  • FREE video with instructions and tips on how to use your kit.
  • FREE download to support you emotionally as you use your kit.
  • $25 rebate towards ordering more emotional first aid supplies.

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Now Watch the Video

So I really love community — but I have to admit my community is mostly online.  I create community from the safety and comfort of my own home and behind a computer screen!

How Do Your New Essential Oils Support Your Emotions?

I really want to make sure that you are well supported this month with #alltheinformation and feel empowered to use the oils that were included in your Introvert Retreat Emotional First Aid Kit.   They were specifically picked out with the introvert in mind.

We are going to chat a little bit about your brain.

Did you know that there really is quite a bit of science behind why and how essential oils work to support your emotions?


Learn more in this next video!  Because I don’t know about you — I like the idea of a happy brain!

To help you visualize what I was referring to in your brain, here are a few detailed graphics.

What Is The Next Step?

Well, as long as you signed up for the 3 emails, you should already have your FREE DOWNLOAD.  Print out the pdf I sent you and begin using the essential oils WITH the Affirmation Statements.

And read them every day for 31 days.

The third email that I am sending you, has your rebate, a great info-graphic, and some resources to further navigate the awesomeness of being an Introvert!

I’m so excited for you this month and our journey into using the essential oils and maybe, just maybe, inviting a friend over to our fresh smelling home.  Let me know  how it goes!