Lovely Podcast

Welcome to my little home on the world wide web.  I’m super excited to have you join my neck of the woods from the Cultivating the Lovely podcast!

Below you will find various thoughts, highlights, and links to the ever so important things MacKenzie and I have chatted about!

As you have probably surmised, I am VERY passionate about health and wellness, all the way from eating well to having fun, to fostering epic family memories, and eliminating toxins.  This has been a journey that is entering it’s 14th year.

This website is

your docent to cultivating a real life story full of beauty, out-of-the-box health hacks, curiosity, and relationship.

I’m super excited for you to begin your tour.

Because you are here, I’m thinking that you are CURIOUS or are ready to jump into learning more about health and wellness with me.  It truly is a journey and I think BEST when learned in community.

So you have a couple of options:

  • Read about MY STORY here.  You might be surprised by my journey.
  • Join my Young Living community called Wise House Oils here,  (make sure that my member #970238 shows up — as that way I know to add you to our groups and send you a care package — yes, real mail!!!!!
  • Watch this free video that my husband and I filmed.  It only has 3 emails and no more.
  • Check out our Wise House Oils website!  I love this area, because it has so much learning!  And when you are done, I bet you’ll be ready to join Young Living with a lifetime membership!  Besides marrying my husband, asking Jesus in my heart, homeschooling, and having homebirths — it was the best decision!
  • Still need another link to check out?  Learn more about the Young Living Premium Starter Kit, which contains 11 essential oils and a free diffuser.  But know, you can also join Young Living with a Thieves Starter Kit, Savvy Minerals Makeup Starter Kit, and NingXia Red Starter Kit.

If you like makeup, this is the podcast for you.
However, if you feel like a toad showing up to prom as a 40-year old, then I think you will appreciate the podcast as well as my blog post, which you can find here. 

Because I really want to speak to you precious women, who need a little sparkle in your story — just like I did.

I love books!  I am a self-proclaimed bibliophile!  My goal is to read 55 books in 2018!  What about you?

My kids know where to look every single morning.  I’m on the comfiest seat in the house.

I don’t see any other way of having a relationship with God.  I mean, I seek out coffee dates with my friends, so why wouldn’t I have one with God?  He is the Creator of it all — the miracle worker.  My beverage symbolizes an aroma of praise up to Him, or maybe it’s the Frankincense in the diffuser beside me.

My kids know that when I have my quiet time — it’s an experience.  It’s not a task or a chore or an obligation. Read more . . . 

Now, don’t miss the Christmas edition where you have the opportunity to meet the new  co-hosts for 2018!