What is Frugal Organic?

Many people ask me what our budget is . . . and I am hesitant to divulge that information. I won’t leave you hanging, though.

I would imagine that our grocery and supplement budget is higher than most. I wouldn’t have it any other way. We radically changed our lifestyle for health reasons.

But I do have a few tricks up my sleeve, which you will find here on my blog.

In fact, I originally started writing my blog because people kept asking me to email them my “frugal organic” tricks.

The key(s):

  • take one step at a time
  • never go beyond what God has called you to learn and implement.

To learn about our journey to frugal organic, grab a cup of filtered water, raw milk, or a cuppa chai.

Otherwise, let your fingers do the clicking and scroll down my frugal organic list of ideas prayerfully and see how God would want you to change your life for the better! (You could even save some money!)

(I have to warn you . . . some of these posts are from my old blog . . . and need a bit of updating.  But not all of them!)